Babies Room
Our Babies Room is very family orientated.  Each baby follows their own sleeping, eating and feeding patterns, closely complimenting their home routine.  There is lots of one-on-one interaction and encouragement enabling each child to settle happily. Our Babies Room is a great way to develop every individual child’s social interaction skills helping your child learn to share, communicate and develop confidence.

Our program in the Babies Room is designed to suit each child’s individual needs and gives each child the best learning opportunity possible whilst ensuring we meet every child’s individual social, emotional and physical needs.  The program is designed to assist your child to grow, learn and develop.

Our Babies Room is a wonderful sensorial experience full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds.

We encourage all parents to take part in their child’s development with regular interaction and planning new goals. We ensure that all children are in a safe, secure, hygienic environment with the best quality care provided. We look forward in taking part in your child’s development at Boutique Bubs.

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Toddler Room
We aim to give all children the best quality of care and we do this by building strong and trusting relationships between staff and children.  We strive to cater for each child’s individual needs and always aim to be supportive and understanding of the diversity within our group.

We provide a daily routine which covers all areas of development - physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive.  These areas of development are practiced daily through various activities.  They are life long skills that your toddler will need and use throughout their lives.

A routine is also very important for toddlers as it allows them to become familiar with the concept of time, knowing what is next will help your toddler feel safe and secure within the environment.

Our first priority whilst attending Boutique Bubs is your toddler’s happiness, safety and well being.  We will always ensure that your toddler feels safe, happy and loved while in our care.

Kindergarten Room
We have developed a kindergarten program that promotes the play and inquiry-based learning approach as we feel children learn best through experiential learning.

Every week in our kindergarten program we explore a special book of the week, for example, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Going Batty, Splat the Cat and How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?  We believe this provides a plethora of opportunities to strengthen comprehension, high frequency word recognition and to develop listening and speaking skills.

In the past we have explored The Peace Book by Todd Parr, and have implemented Peace Awards to children who demonstrate behaviour that warrants praise and recognition, such as helping a friend, using kind words, sharing toys, etc.

We also explore a letter of the week to develop early literacy skills and also explore a number of the week to help build numeracy understanding and skills.  We believe in setting high expectations of children and do so by offering literacy and numeracy lessons every day aimed to assist in preparing children to begin working at the Victorian Prep Level.

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