We are a family owned and managed service. We offer care from birth to 6yrs of age including a funded Kindergarten program that is run by a qualified Kindergarten teacher. All special dietary requirements and allergies are catered for at our Centre. At Boutique Bubs we believe that our staff is our most valuable asset. When our staff are happy, the children are happy. In the experienced and qualified staff within our Centre lies the foundation of quality educational care for your children. We encourage and support our staff to continue their personal and professional development within the workplace either through formal study or through on-the-job training.


“My children (2yrs and 4 yrs) have been attending Boutique Bubs for a year and a half and i am so impressed with the level of care and service provided at the centre. The management of the centre is exceptional and this really flows down through the staff and reflects in the way staff care for the children and carry out their work. The facilities are lovely – always very clean, neat and tidy with a good assortment of toys and a variety of activities. The staff are welcoming, caring, kind and genuinely interested in the welfare and development of the children and so i am very confident in leaving my children, not only knowing they’ll be looked after, but that they’ll have a great time and be educationally stimulated as well. I can’t recommend Boutique Bubs highly enough and feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful centre for my children”. Signed.....N.C

“We discovered Boutique Bubs whilst looking into day care options for our son, Thomas. We were new to the area & I received great vibes from my initial phone conversation with the centre director. After our first visit to the centre, we were only too happy for Thomas to attend. In the six months that he's been attending BB's, he's settled wonderfully into the routine in the kinder group. Every team member at BB's is approachable & adopts a hands-on attitude to their caring, displaying a pro-active & resourceful methodology, to which the children react well. There's always a happy, cheerful little boy to greet us at the end of each day. Thanks guys!” Signed..... M.F

“My bub has been with Boutique Bubs now for almost 6 months, and after doing much research I don’t think I could have found a better place for him to be cared for after having to head back to work.  After you’ve raised and nurtured your bub to a point it’s challenging enough to drop them into an unfamiliar place and worry they are getting a similar amount of care and love they would receive at home – I know every parent goes through this – and so does Boutique Bubs.  This is why the staff, their attitude and their undying enthusiasm and focus are second to none.  I’m really happy with level of detail with which everything is documented where I can walk in and check up in his folder at any stage to see where he’s at with meals, sleep duration, behaviour milestones and interaction with other bubs and staff.  Not to mention the processes and the overall outlook of the organisation plus the constant verbal updates and the time staff spend with me to report how he’s going daily. I know he is getting the best care he could possibly get outside of the home.  Thank you Angels for your constant care and support”. Signed.....S.M