Is to be a premier provider in early learning and education in childcare services.

We are committed to the delivery of a sound educational foundation for every child through our high quality children’s service. We will actively promote an ongoing learning and reflecting practice with integrated teaching and learning approaches and achievement of the desired learning outcomes by applying our knowledge of how children learn through play.

At Boutique Bubs we aim to create a family centres practice for children where their independence and individuality is valued. We strive to meet the individual needs of each child to enable them to reach their full potential by providing a learning environment that offers a stimulating, child centred program.

We recognize that different provisions may need to be made for each individual to ensure a high quality education is met for every child so that every child is a successful, competent and capable learner.

The rights and best interests of the child are paramount therefore best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services. We encourage secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships as well as respect for equity and diversity.

The role of parents and families is respected and supported and we trust that families, staff and the local community will develop a sense of belonging and ownership of the Centre and will work in partnership and value each other’s expectations and beliefs.