Our staff are the key to Boutique Bubs Early Education Centre being such a fantastic place for children to learn and develop. They are incredibly enthusiastic and love being with the children, watching them develop and grow and being part of that process. We believe in building a strong and meaningful relationship with children and their families by providing consistent carers who are well equipped to meet their needs. All children should grow with positive self esteem – they should be encouraged to participate.

Our Centre Director at Boutique Bubs Early Education and Kindergarten is Lesley Goth. Lesley holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and has been working with Boutique Bubs since 2009 in varying roles from Assisting team Leaders to becoming a Team Leader. In 2011 she held a 2IC role and then started Directing our centre from 2013 .  Lesley is highly respected by both our parents and our staff.