Nursery Room

At Boutique Bubs our Nursery provides a nurturing and attentive environment ensuring we do our best to cater to various sleeping, eating and settling routines...

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Toddler Room

This is a time full of exploration and discovery as the children gain an increasing sense of self. Along with a greater awareness of themselves and their...

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Boutique Bubs offers a full day, 5 days a week, 3-5 year-old kindergarten program. A qualified kindergarten teacher will plan and implement a challenging educational...

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Monday - Friday 6.30 am - 6.30 pm 52 weeks of the year (closed all public holidays)

Welcome to

Boutique Bubs is a fully approved provider of childcare, early learning and kindergarten services which is privately operated by highly experienced owners who are actively involved in the operation of the Centre.

Being privately owned with many experienced, long serving and dedicated educators enables us to be highly flexible in meeting the individual needs of your child in a caring and professional environment.

Our learning based programs include many excursions and incursions to stimulate and challenge your child's imagination. We apply the Victorian Government's Early Years Learning Framework as a platform upon which we build.

Our renovated, easily accessible premises is located on the corner of Bluff Road and Thomas Street in Hampton. Our Centre is full of natural light, air-conditioned, fresh and fully equipped to provide a stimulating learning environment.

We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and ensure that our food menu is nutritionally balanced with an emphasis on fresh produce.

More about Us

Upcoming 2022 Events

March 2022
Pancake Day Free
Tuesday 1st March
At Boutique Bubs

The story of Shrove Tuesday is told to all the children during group times. We encourage the Kindergarten children to become involved learners by having them help our cook prepare pancakes for afternoon tea.

Crazy Hair Day Free
Thursday 17th March
At Boutique Bubs

Crazy hair day is a day to let your creativity come out and shine. All educators and children enjoy this day as they all have a chance to look different with the multiple wig choices. We also have a ‘busy parent’ area where, if requested, our team will do your child’s hair for the event. This helps create a smooth drop off and ensures that no child is left out.

Grandparent/Special Friend Day Free
at Boutique Bubs

Grandparents and special friends are invited and treated to an afternoon tea at 3pm. An afternoon of fun and laughter that harnesses stronger bonds within our families. The children further develop their sense of belonging reading stories or singing songs together with family/friends and our educators.

April 2022
Easter Free
Centre to celebrate Tuesday 14th April
At Boutique Bubs

Children and families bring a packet of biscuits to be donated to the family room at the Ronald McDonald House Monash Chapter. At Boutique Bubs we believe that, being a privately owned service, we should encourage all of our educators, children and their families to support local charities by the use of theme days (including a and gold coin collection), biscuit drives and collecting nappies for families of domestic violence. At the end of each year all educators participate in a toy drive for the Ronald McDonald House - Monash Chapter this helps provide gifts for families staying in the house over the Christmas period. Supporting these charities brings great awareness for giving back to the local community.

Easter Egg Hunt Excursion Free
Thursday 14th April
Thomas Street South Reserve, Thomas Street, Hampton Google Map link

A traditional Easter egg hunt is held at the Centre for all children. The Kindergarten group participate in an Easter egg hunt at Thomas St Park at 10.30am. This promotes the children’s self-awareness and independence as they walk to the park and are involved in an egg hunt and picnic lunch with their educators.

Favourite Colour Day Free
Tuesday 26th April all day
at Boutique Bubs

All children and their educators come dressed in their favourite colour or colours to promote the children’s creativity and their sense of belonging within their rooms.

May 2022
Mothers Day Free
To be celebrated Monday 9th May
at Boutique Bubs

Mothers are invited to come and join us for afternoon tea at 3pm celebrated throughout the Centre. Your child will prepare a take home gift for their mother leading up to this event. Mothers are invited to an afternoon tea at 3pm and participate with their children in craft activities, photo booths with dress ups and many more fun activities.

The Nappy Collective Free
Date to be confirmed closer to event
At Boutique Bubs

We have joined forces with The Nappy Collective, which we have become a private drop-off point for our families for surplus nappies no longer needed. This drive is completed twice within the year during May.

Jungle Jammin Free
Tuesday 24th May
at Boutique Bubs

This incursion is held annually for all age groups between 9.30-11am. Traditional performers come to our Centre and hold age appropriate workshops. The children will experience the music, song and dance from cultures different to their own. The talented performers present a fusion of music and culture and encourage the children to be fully involved by way of traditional stories, rhythms and the playing of traditional instruments. The learnings about different cultures arising out of the activities are then built into the weekly curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Music Program – Mini Maestros

Mini Maestros offers fun and educational music classes that caters for all of our age groups within the service. The weekly music class...


Sports Program – Sportz Buzz

Sportz Buzz is a weekly sport, physical fitness and life lesson coaching program. Sportz Buzz balances bodies and brains by...


Transition Program

At Boutique Bubs we strive to prepare all children for their journey into primary school. We work closely with the children...